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Characteristics of low frequency transformer skeleton

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1. The inter-stage coupling transformer inter-stage coupling transformer is used as the coupling element, and the output signal of the preamplifier circuit is transmitted to the two-stage audio inductor, the inductor, the inductance manufacturer, the Shenzhen inductor and the electronic news frequency amplifying circuit Level, and make the appropriate impedance transformation.

2. Input Transformer In the early semiconductor radio, the audio one-piece inductance, Rao line inductance, inductance manufacturers, Shenzhen inductors, electronic news promotion level and power amplifier level between the use of transformers for the input transformer, from the signal coupling, transmission, also known as To promote the transformer.

Input low-frequency transformer skeleton has a single-ended input and push-pull input. If the push circuit is a single-ended circuit, the input transformer is also a single-ended input transformer; if the push circuit is a push-pull circuit, the input transformer is also a push-pull input transformer.

3. Output transformer output transformer connected to the power amplifier output circuit and the speaker, mainly from the signal transmission and impedance matching role.


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